Running-in Instructions

BLiNK Motorsport Optimized™ Pro Motors require ‘careful’ running in following the below instructions specific to BLiNK engines.

Run it Hard!

NOTE : DO NOT ALLOW ENGINE TO IDLE FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! (Only start engine to ensure oil pressure and set timing to 10 degrees).

On the Racetrack :

Do one easy lap to warm up your engine, tyres and brakes. Take a normal 15 minute practice session using almost full throttle and 6,000 rpm, allow plenty of ‘engine braking’ during this session.

It is vital that after this first session you complete an oil and filter change. Also, check the ignition timing again and make sure it is around a MAXIMUM of 12 degrees.

DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC OIL – Synthetic oil is so slippery that it actually “arrests” the break in process before the rings can seal completely.

Use 10w40 or 15w40 Mineral Oil for at least 1 full weekend of racing ensuring at least 2 further oil and filter changes during this period.

Go For It!

The racetrack is the perfect environment to break in an engine! The combination of acceleration and deceleration is just the ticket for sealing the rings.

After a days racing, change the oil to Fully Synthetic 5W40 with a genuine Mazda oil filter and take the time to re-torque down the cylinder head bolts.