CM Optimized™ Supercharger Package

The Ultimate MX5 Supercharger Kit for the Mk3 Mazda MX5

BLiNK Motorsport are pleased to announce that we can now supply and fit the Corten-Miller Mazda MX5 Mk3 Supercharger Kit. This kit has been developed by Corten-Miller over a number of years and has been thoroughly tested on road and track. There are several power options for the installation :-

  • Supercharger KIT Pro : 230-250bhp
  • Supercharger CLUB Sport : 280-300bhp
  • Supercharger MAX Sport : 300-380bhp (requires significant engine work to achieve these levels)

Please Note : Power figures are based on having a good exhaust manifold installed (e.g. Racing Beat, IL Motorsport, Goodwin Racing, etc.)

Based upon the Rotrex C30-94 Centrifugal design with superior efficiency, silent operation and self contained oiling system, combined with it’s unique patented traction drive technology it offers the smoothest linear power delivery. The supercharger supplies airflow of up to 0.39kg/s reaching impeller speeds of up to 100,000RPM combining small size with exceptional performance & durability.

Smooth Power Delivery

The Supercharger kit’s true strength lies in exploiting the exceptional balance and poise the chassis has from the factory. Retaining the car’s OEM smooth, linear power delivery characteristics, with no spikes in torque are in keeping with the MX5’s character.

Front Mounted Intercooler & Cold Air Intake System

Fitment behind the front bumper, offers protection from the elements & is the perfect location for cooling down the charge air generated by the Rotrex, offering reduced heat soak for a maximum safe power and reliable horse power increase. Using a high quality core, hand fabricated & welded by highly skilled craftsmen, our inter-cooler offers excellent thermal properties, flow characteristics & all with minimal pressure drop. The reusable foam air filter can be cleaned at service to maintain maximum performance & air filtration properties.

If left unrestricted would go onto 430bhp!

Kit Contents

C30-94 Rotrex Supercharger, Rotrex Oil reservoir, Rotrex Oil Cooler, High Quality Anodised CNC Rotrex brackets, High Quailty Anodised CNC Tensioner brackets, Supercharger drive belt, 250BHP intake restrictor, CAIS – Cold Air intake system with serviceable air filter, Front mounted intercooler, CM branded Intercooler silicone hoses, Mandrel Bent intercooler pipe work, CM Branded Breather hoses, 550cc Injectors, 3 Bar map sensor, Re-Circulating Diverter valve, Lower heat range spark plugs, CM ECU calibration

CLUB Sport Kit also includes :

CM fuel module, engine mounted fuel filter, 300 BHP intake restrictor, CM ECU calibration

Please Note : Not all components shown in the above image


  • Supercharger KIT Pro : £4829.17+vat (£5795.00 total)
  • Supercharger CLUB Sport : POA
  • Supercharger MAX Sport : POA

Installation Time
We would require your vehicle for 5 days

Frequently Asked Questions

It says that the Rotrex C30-94 is capable of 400+BHP how do I get this?
We restrict the Clubsport kit to 300BHP to maintain reliability on the stock engine. A forged engine and other supporting hardware is required to achieve 400+BHP

Do I require any other parts for the supercharger kit?
An uprated exhaust manifold is required for both kits. For Club Sport we recommend clutch & full exhaust system

Can I buy the kit and fit it myself?
The kit can only be fitted here at BLiNK HQ or at Corten-Miller (Lincolnshire). The prices stated include VAT and are fully fitted turn key conversions.

Do I have to use high octane fuel?
With any performance vehicle we always recommend the use of the best fuel available to you. Our preferred choice is Shell V Power (99RON). Lower octane calibrations are available.

Do I need to upgrade my brakes?
The MX5 has a very good stock brake setup, if used on the track or driven hard we recommend a disc and pad (e.g. Mintex, Carbotech, etc) upgrade.

Do I need to upgrade my suspension?
The MX5 is a very nicely balanced and setup from the factory. We recommend a good alignment setup and for ultimate performance/track setup, a set of decent aftermarket coilovers (e.g. Ohlins, MeisterR, GAZ, etc.)

What warranty is available with the kits?
1 year parts and labour on all components

Further Information
Corten-Miller MX5 SuperCharger

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