Optimized™ ‘Stage 2’ Power Package

Our Mazda MX5 Optimized™ ‘Stage 2’ Power Package is specifically for the Mazda 1600cc and 1800cc engines whether fitted to an MX5, Westfield or other vehicle.

The ‘Stage 2’ package builds on the ‘Stage 1’ kit with the addition of Throttle Bodies and associated parts.

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the complexity of all the parts, we do not supply the ‘Stage 2’ package as a kit – it is a fitted install only.

It provides significant power and torques increases, up to approximately 160 flywheel bhp (1600cc) and 180 flywheel bhp (1800cc). (N.B. Power figures are dependent on condition of engine, type of exhaust manifold installed, etc.)

Price for the install : £3600+vat

Turn Round Time
Expected turn round time of a BLiNK Optimized™ ‘Stage 2’ Package install from receipt of customer vehicle is 4-6 weeks.