Optimized™ Short Motor

A BLiNK Motorsport Short Motor is assembled with the same care and attention as one of our cylinder heads, resulting in a fully Optimized™ ‘bottom end’.

From the outset it must be realised that a carefully constructed short motor will not, unlike a cylinder head, gain you any additional horsepower over the standard manufacturer’s figures.

What it does do, however, is prevent you from losing any horsepower.

What do we need from you?
Please supply us with a standard Mazda MX-5/Eunos 1600cc short motor – the more ‘standard’ the better. We can only work with what we are given – the better the initial parts, the better the end product !

We recommend a standard bottom end from a road car (preferably an automatic).

The short motor should be reasonably clean, with the flywheel/clutch assembly, alternator assembly and oil sender unit all removed.

Initial Evaluation
When the customer supplied short motor arrives at our workshop it is completely stripped down to its component parts.

If, after the initial evaluation, we deem the short motor to be ‘no good’, then the customer will be informed and subsequent course of action can be discussed.

Mazda engines are built with extremely tight tolerances, so tight in fact that most machine shops can not work within the tolerances required. If it was a road or trackday short motor this would not matter as the car would probably never be used in a ‘head to head’ comparison.

In racing the complete opposite is true – with packed grids every weekend the engines we build are always ‘up for scrutiny’ against other identical vehicles – it is vital that you have the best available and are not ‘wasting valuable horsepower’.

Regardless of condition all BLiNK short motors are re-bored and honed to our own specification and fitted with new pistons and rings. New gaskets are used throughout and most parts are original Mazda – we find only Mazda parts provide the quality we are after.

The specification for the boring and honing process has come from our own experience racing MX5’s and is not as the manufacturer outlines. These engines endure far more extreme usage than would be ‘seen’ in a normal road going production vehicle and hence the requirement to deviate.

All other internal parts are measured, inspected and ultrasonically cleaned before they are re-assembled.

***PLEASE NOTE: we insist on fitting a new oil pump as this is the heart of the engine; unless there is good oil pressure within the engine it will not achieve full power***

Turn round time
Expected delivery of a BLiNK Optimized™ Short Motor from receipt of customer unit is 3 weeks.