Mk3 (NC) Optimized™ Re-Map

When a manufacturer releases a car onto the market it has to ensure that that model is suitable for worldwide distribution, manufacturers spend an inordinate amount of time putting ‘maps’ on to the standard car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to ensure the car will start and operate well under any condition. Until recently there was no way of modifying the OEM calibration on most vehicles so you were ‘stuck with what you got’ from the manufacturer.

In the UK we have the benefit of using high octane and high quality fuels – this would allow further performance to be released from the vehicle if we could alter the maps in the OEM ECU, however, until recently, this remained the domain of the serious car tuner by either putting a pre-programmed ‘chip’ into the ECU or using an aftermarket ECU. Both of the aforementioned options had drawbacks – the chip tuning method required de-soldering and re-soldering on an expensive component and the aftermarket ECU would lose some of the functionality of the OEM ECU.

Introducing the EcuTek Programming Suit

Using the EcuTek Software we can now access every single ‘map’ on the OEM ECU and modify it to suit the fuel being used and the style of your driving. This not only allows us to improve the vehicles power & torque but also change the driving characteristics of the car without losing any of the Mazda designed functionality.

Further to the above the vehicle can also be tuned for any further performance upgrades the customer may fit at a later date.

If your car is fitted with the factory cruise control we can put four different calibrations onto the ECU. The below is an example of what can be done :-

Map 1: Low Octane Fuel Map – can be used for touring when premium unleaded fuel is not used
Map 2: High Octane ‘Optimized™’ Map – releases the full potential from your car for ultimate performance
Map 3: Same as above but with RaceRom features (see below) active
Map 4: Valet Mode – a rev limit can be set low so if you leave your car with someone they can not abuse it

All the above are easily switchable via the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. If the vehicle does not have cruise control, then only a single map can be used.

RaceRom Features
If you enjoy gadgets then these options are just fantastic and offer some improved functionality when you want some spirited driving, all or none of these features can be added to your re-map – the choice is yours!

  • Launch Control – The launch RPM is adjustable from the cruise control stalk and can be enabled for any of the four separate customisable modes.
  • Flat-foot Shifting – Flat-foot Shifting allows the driver to keep their foot flat on the accelerator while changing gears, to minimise gear change time and keep engine speed and torque up for when the next gear is engaged. With this function, it is also possible to adjust the torque to maximise power when engaging the next gear. This is useful when fitting a stronger transmission, or to minimise torque to reduce wheel spin on higher power engines (such as turbo or supercharged vehicles).
  • Downshift Auto-Blip – The Auto Blip feature applies a short burst of throttle when the driver is down-shifting under braking. This raises the RPM to help provide a smooth entry into the lower gear by reducing engine braking.
  • Per-gear Rev Limits – This feature allows per gear rev limits to be configured. It could be used to improve 0-60 times by allowing a higher 2nd gear limit to just hit 60 mph / 100 km/h in 2nd, whilst preserving the lower rev limit in other gears.

Cost of a BLiNK Optimized™ remap : £450+vat (includes a ‘one off’ EcuTek ECU licence that does not need to be purchased again if further mapping is required).