Mk3 (NC) Optimized™ Re-Map Power Package

For the ultimate Normally Aspirated (NA) tune, on top of the BLiNK Optimized™ Re-Map, you can also add a ‘high flow’, stainless steel manifold and a Pipercross washable foam panel air filter.

The standard Mazda Exhaust manifold contains a Catalytic Converter that restricts the exhaust gas flow from the engine. This is required in some states in America for smog regulation. By removing the OEM Manifold and fitting a new high flow item, it allows further power to be released from your vehicle and works very well in conjunction with the re-maps we provide. The vehicle still retains the second catalytic converter so is still MOT friendly!

On the 2.0l model, power output is upped from a standard 158bhp to around 180bhp.

Stainless, high flow, 4 to 1 exhaust manifold and fitting, plus Pipercross filter, plus mapping : £1000+vat