Optimized™ Full Engine

What do we need from you?
Please supply us with a standard Mazda MX-5/Eunos 1600cc complete engine – the more ‘standard’ the better We can only work with what we are given – the better the initial parts, the better the end product ! And remember, what you give us, we give you back, but Optimized™ – extra cost/time will be incurred if we haven’t got all the right parts to build up your Pro-motor.

The engine should be reasonably clean, with the inlet manifold, exhaust manifold removed. Please also remove the flywheel/clutch assembly, alternator assembly and oil sender unit.

Different customers have different requirements. Ranging from a ‘bare’ Pro-Motor to a ‘ready to drop in’ unit, we can cater for most requests! Drop us an email for more details.

Turn round time
Expected delivery of a BLiNK Optimized™ Pro Motor from receipt of customer unit is 4 weeks.