Optimized™ Complete Engine Package

What is the BLiNK Optimized™ Pro-Motor Package?
The complete turnkey Mazda MX5 race winning solution consists of :-

Pre-package Dyno test on our Dynapack Dynamometer
Engine removal
Optimize™ the Short Motor and Cylinder Head
Optimize™ Fuel Injectors
Rebuild engine to full BLiNK Pro-Motor specification
Install Pro-Motor back into customer vehicle
Optimize™ Air Flow Meter and Ignition Timing on our Dynapack Dynamometer
Completely run in BLiNK Pro-Motor, including 3 oil/filter changes and then fill up with Fully Synthetic Oil
Final power run and printout from our Dynapack Dynamometer

The above race proven package will ensure that you have a power plant capable of winning races.

Turn round time
Expected delivery of the BLiNK Optimized™ Pro-Motor Package from receipt of customer vehicle is 5 weeks.