Mazda MX5 Racecar Optimized™ Tune Up Package

For the BRSCC, 5Club, MAX5 and other championships

In order to ensure that your MX5 is at its best for the next race, BLiNK Motorsport can offer the ‘Optimized™ Tune-Up Package’.

This includes the following items :-

  • Full 4 wheel alignment with ride height setup on our Hunter Alignment Rig
  • Corner weighting
  • A dyno session on our Dynapack Dyno, complete with air flow meter tune, ignition timing tune and power run(s)
  • Damper testing and matching on our Damper Dynomometer

This is the complete tune-up package for your MX5 race car. Once done, it really will be up to you, the driver!

BLiNK Optimized™ Tune-Up Package : £600+vat

Note : We will require the vehicle for approximately one day