Fuel Injector Testing/Cleaning

BLiNK Motorsport have invested in ASNU Digital Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Diagnostics and Flowbench apparatus to enable us to service most makes of fuel (petrol) injectors.

The fuel injectors are often forgotten about when building engines for race cars (or indeed any car). The probability is that the injectors you are running have never been serviced in their entire life, which in some cases can be well over 15 years. Even relatively new (sometimes, brand new) injectors may not be performing at their optimum due to build up of storage oils and other particles from poor storage.

Some varying degrees of spray patterns for ‘non-serviced’ injectors :-

BLiNK can service single injectors, multiple injectors and, probably most importantly, match a set of injectors from a number of customer supplied units. For example, if the customer sends us 6 injectors, the chances are we can send a matched (i.e. balanced for flow rate and spray pattern) set of 4 back for use on your engine.

The BLiNK process for Optimizing™ injectors is as follows :-

Injectors are cleaned in a large bath to remove external dirt.
Injectors are tested on the ASNU machine to ensure coil resistances and voltages under load are within tolerance.
Injectors are mounted in the ASNU machine and pressure tested to 4 bar to ensure no static leaks.
Injectors are pulsed whilst fluid is pushed under pressure through the injectors to do an initial check of the spray pattern.
Injectors are checked for flow rate by passing fluid under pressure through the injectors for a set period of time.
Old filter baskets, ‘O’ rings and pintle caps are removed using special tools.
Injectors are Ultrasonically cleaned in a smaller tank whilst being electronically pulsed to back flush the fluid through the injector. This is done for approximately 20 minutes at various pulse speeds.
New filter baskets, ‘O’ rings and pintle caps are fitted.
Injectors are re-checked under pressure for static leaks and spray pattern.
Injectors are re-checked for flow rate.

A full before/after report is then produced for the customer.

Here is a brief video we have made showing the process :-

BLiNK can offer Optimized™ Fuel Injectors for the following prices :-

Testing and cleaning a single ‘top feed’ injector : £12.50+vat

Testing and cleaning a single ‘side feed’ injector : £15+vat

Testing, cleaning and matching 4 from 6 ‘top feed’ injectors : £75+vat

Testing, cleaning and matching 4 from 6 ‘side feed’ injectors : £90+vat

N.B. Return postage will be charged at approximately £10.00+vat for up to 6 injectors

In order to send your injectors to us, please remove them from the engine and fuel rail, but leave all ‘O’ rings on them. Then just box them up and ship them to us.

Fuel Pressure Regulators

BLiNK can test Fuel Pressure Regulators to ensure they are running at the correct pressure and/or within tolerance.

Testing of Fuel Pressure Regulator : £20+vat

In order for us to test your Fuel Pressure Regulator, just send us your fuel rail with Regulator attached, but with no fuel pipes or connectors. For cars where the Fuel Pressure Regulator is separate from the fuel rail (e.g. custom or aftermarket billet construction types), just send us the Regulator unit on its own.

N.B. Return postage will be charged at approximateley £10.00+vat for a single fuel rail/regulator unit.

Turn round time

Expected delivery of a BLiNK Optimized™ Fuel Injectors and/or Fuel Pressure Regulator testing from receipt of customer units is 5 working days.