Chassis Dyno (Rolling Road)

From opening in early 2012, BLiNK Motorsport has always had the intention of purchasing its own ‘rolling road’ to further our engine development work to an altogether higher level and provide ‘the one stop motorsports solution’ to our customers.

The biggest decision was what type of dynamometer would best suit our needs and the needs of our customers.

Our choice is :-

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Prices for Dyno Services

Power run for all 2 wheel drive vehicles (with printout) : £75 +vat

Vehicle Mapping : £75 +vat (per hour)

Mazda MX5 Mk1 Optimized™ Road Car Package (Air Flow Meter and Ignition Timing) : £100 +vat
This is for road cars only and includes the ‘clock spring adjustment’ in the Air Flow Meter

Mazda MX5 Mk1 Optimized™ Race Car Package (Air Flow Meter and Ignition Timing) : £200 +vat

PLEASE NOTE : Your Dyno results will be kept in confidence unless permission is given for us to publish them. Discretion assured.

Below is a sample printout of changing the Ignition Timing on a completely standard Mazda MX5 Mk1 Road Car :-

As you can see, upping the ignition timing significantly increases low end torque and holds the high end power longer.