Damper Dyno Testing

Dampers, often incorrectly referred to as ‘shock absorbers’ are probably the least understood part of a vehicle suspension.

Often seen as the ‘black art’ of suspension tuning, here at BLiNK Motorsport we can take the ‘mystery’ out of dampers for you and provide full analysis of this very important component in the vehicle’s suspension.

Individual Damper Testing

Using our ‘in house’ damper dynamometer we can provide you with ‘Force vs Velocity’ and ‘Force vs Displacement’ graphs of the dampers you supply us with. We will also give a written report on the dampers health and tell you what adjustment on each damper will ‘’balance it’ with its opposing damper on the same axle.

Damper Testing : £25+vat per damper

Please note : This is the price for us testing a damper already removed from the vehicle. Extra cost may be incurred if we have to remove the dampers ourselves before testing them. Customers will be informed of any extra work/costs before the work is started.

Full Chassis Suspension Assessment

If you are serious about your cars performance then you need to get serious about it’s suspension!

We can take various measurements from your vehicle and using software designed by ourselves we can advise on suitable spring rates to fit to your vehicle and what settings on your dampers will be optimum for these spring rates. You will be given a full printout from our Hunter Imaging aligner including bump steer curves and dynamic camber curves. Ideal damper curves for your car will be produced along with actual damper curves of the units fitted.

Your car will be corner weighted and a four wheel alignment carried out to ensure your vehicle performs at its best.

BLiNK Chassis Suspension Assessment : from £550+vat

Please note : this price is very much vehicle dependant, please email for your specific details.