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Enjoy Racing – The Optimized™ Way

Are you good enough to win?

Hopefully the answer to the above question is ……YES, however it is a question that will remain unanswered for the vast majority of drivers. But why?

No matter what anybody else tells you, the only way you can determine the answer to the above question is to ensure that your car is in the optimum state to race. Unless this is the case you will never know whether it was you or (more than likely) your race car letting you down.

BLiNK Motorsport have built a reputation of technical excellence and customer support, so much so that we regularly see race cars from our competitors and other top teams throughout the UK visiting our workshop to make use of the very best equipment on the market today. Our customers include SV Racing, Rob Boston Racing and Blendini Motorsport, to name a few.

As an insight into what is involved we will give you a brief explanation on what is done to your race car EVERY time it is loaded onto our transporter before each round of the Championship.

We consider that it is of the utmost importance that your car is 100% ready to race BEFORE it is transported to the circuit. Being able to identify, diagnose and fix problems in the workshop prior to departure is why we have invested so heavily in the equipment we have. Paddock time is there to be spent on fine tuning the vehicle for that particular circuit, not for fixing problems that should have been sorted out before the car arrives at the track. As well as a complete ‘nut & bolt’ check, there are three main areas that are focussed on in our workshop :

Engine Power Check on our Dynapack Chassis Dynomometer

Probably the most accurate dynamometer available in the world (further details can be found HERE)– so accurate that you can see a small power drop if you turn the headlights on whilst a power run is being carried out!

Loading your car onto the dyno each and every time prior to each race weekend will let us see that the engine is still delivering the power it should and can also highlight any other problems with the driveline (gearbox/differential). It is a vital edition to our workshop and has been used to help develop our Championship winning engines. Your car will be subject to a number of power runs, allowing us to analyse the power and torque curves produced. With the dynamometer attached directly to the hubs of the vehicle (no error in tyre slippage or pressures) and it’s own in-built weather station correcting readings for atmospheric pressure and temperature, the readings from one month to the next are totally reliable.

Mazda MX5 MK3 Supercup Drivers, please note :

BLiNK Motorsport are authorised EcuTek tuners and regularly map Mk3 Mx5’s. This is the same tuning package that has been used to modify your ECU’s. Although current regulations do not allow us to modify this map, we can still see what every sensor is showing and how the current tune is performing in your car. With our own in house dyno, experience of mapping, and the EcuTek software, we have a formidable arsenal that puts us at a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Hunter Four Wheel Alignment & Certified Flat Floor Corner Weighting

So much more than a ‘laser wheel alignment’, our top of the range Hunter Premier Elite Imaging Aligner is the envy of the wheel alignment industry! The equipment, contrary to popular belief does not use lasers for the alignment, but uses high definition digital cameras to photograph the wheel location and give accurate readouts of all of the sixteen alignment angles on the vehicle. It also takes into account any buckle or run-out on the wheels – imperative for accurate readings.

This, on its own is impressive enough but the aligner can also measure the bump steer curves on your race car (vital when the ride height is substantially changed from the standard manufacturers settings) and allows us to tailor an alignment specification to suit your vehicle.

Our Alignment Ramp is calibrated to be a perfect flat floor with only 1mm variation across it’s whole plane – this makes it the perfect platform for corner balancing your car to give it the ideal weight distribution across all four wheels. This is a vital part of your race weekend set-up and is completed before every event.

Damper Dyno Checking and Matching

It is the springs and dampers fitted to the vehicle that keep the tyres in contact with the track surface – unless these are operating correctly then anything else performed during the vehicle set-up is of little importance!

The damper dyno cycles the shock absorbers and allows us to see that they are all functioning correctly. It also allows us to match the damper forces across each axle so the car will feel the same when turning both left and right and allows us to tune the shock absorber to the springs fitted.

Other Equipment

Further to the above we also have our own Cylinder Head Flowbench and Cylinder Head machining services on site plus ASNU fuel injector diagnostics within the workshop – we do not need to take your vehicle elsewhere for work – we can perform everything under one roof by our own dedicated team that want you to win.


This is a formidable array of advanced diagnostic equipment that allows us to ensure that your race car is fully Optimized™ to race – we firmly believe this technology puts us at the forefront of Club Motorsport in the UK.

At the circuit we have a full sized awning attached to our articulated 44 foot race truck with Hospitality, Video & Data analysis on a widescreen 42” TV and advice from other drivers and our own staff – making it one of the most knowledgable and friendly awnings in the paddock.

We appreciate a seasons racing is a huge investment by you – let us ensure your car is properly prepared prior to it’s arrival at the circuit, by people who are passionate about racing and winning.

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