Optimized™ ‘Stage 1’ Power Package

Our Mazda MX5 Optimized™ ‘Stage 1’ Power Package is specifically for the Mazda 1600cc and 1800cc engines whether fitted to an MX5, Westfield or other vehicle.

It provides significant power and torques increases, up to approximately 145 flywheel bhp (1600cc) and 160 flywheel bhp (1800cc). (N.B. Power figures are dependent on condition of engine, type of exhaust manifold installed, etc.)

What do you get?

  • BLiNK Optimized™ Cylinder Head
  • Reground Piper Cams (Fast Road Spec)
  • Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU with base map (to get you running)
  • PLX Wide Band Lambda Sensor Kit (Electronics and Bosch Sensor)
  • Genuine Mazda MX5 Head Gasket
  • 2 x Camshaft Oil Seals

Price for the package is £1500+vat (including postage)

Please note that the final cost may change depending on the ECU specification (e.g. for some later cars, alternator control is required as an additional extra).

Optional Extra’s
Air Flow Meter (1.6)/Mass Airflow Meter (1.8) Delete Kit (includes GM Inlet Air Temperature Sensor, Cone Air Filter with heat shield and fittings)

AFM/MAF Delete Kit : £100+vat

What do we need from you?

Mazda Cylinder Head (1600cc or 1800cc), including valves, springs, spring seats, lifters, collets, cams and cam caps

What do you need to do once fitted?

Vehicle needs to be mapped on a rolling road/hub dyno

BLiNK can map your vehicle on our DynaPack Hub Dyno from £150+vat

BLiNK Fitting and Mapping Service

BLiNK can supply the kit, fit and map your vehicle for £1850+vat

Turn round time

Expected delivery of a BLiNK Optimized™ Package (kit) from receipt of customer unit is 4 weeks.